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Implant Dentistry

Our implant dentists in North Reading, MA can repair your smile to even better than their original beauty. Our implant dentist specialist have a lot of experience placing implants and repairing smiles. Our patients love us because we treat them like we would want to be treated, not like a number. We spend time with each patient to understand their needs and create a customized plan for them.

Our implant dentists work to make you as comfortable as possible during your smile restoration.  We use sedation for most procedures and patients report minimal discomfort during the recovery process. Most patients report that they are able to return to work within the next few days and only need to take over the counter pain relievers.  However, if you need something more for the pain or discomfort, our doctors can assist with keeping you comfortable for those first couple of days.  After this you should begin feeling back to normal.those first couple of days.  After this you should begin feeling back to normal.

Dental implants offer patients with missing teeth many options for unparalleled support, function, and beauty. Our office provides the following services: dental implants, implant dentures, mini implant dentures, implant-supported bridges, implant crowns, crown lengthening, and more. A Dental Implant is a highly-engineered titanium post which is placed into the jaw bone in much the same position as a natural tooth root. The implant has an acid etched and sandblaster surface which helps the bone adhere to the implant during the healing process. Approximately two to four months after initial placement, the implant is well healed and is as stable and sturdy as a natural tooth root. At this point, the implant is ready for restoration by a cosmetic or restorative dentist who will place a crown permanently into the implant "root" creating a natural looking, fully functional tooth which appears to be grow naturally from beneath the gum tissue.